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Listen without prejudice

14 December 2008

Your time is precious, mixes are ten-to-a-penny on the internet and you would need ten ears and consequently resemble a surreal figure in a Dali painting to listen to them all. You have to choose wisely, your ears are clamouring for nourishment but you don’t want to give them a rough kebab from the dodgy takeaway on the High Street. High quality unrefined rhythms, incomparable beats, wholesome grooves; these are all on the TipTop menu. Of course, we gorge and purge ourselves, like we have severe cases of an aural bulimia nervosa, on vast quantities of music so you don’t have to. Tracklists are now hidden by default on the mixes, revealable by a simple click for those too terrified to download without knowing.

Where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise.

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