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this website will be slightly borked whilst we tinker with the nuts’n‘bolts that keep it together.

Deep Summit 2009

1 August 2009

Deep Summit 2009 logo

Forget about the G7 & G8, this is the only summit that matters… the deeeep one. Three nights across two continents – EstimuloShow, Immersed Perspective and Altered Moods Recordings join in an axis of quality house grooves.

Fri Aug 28th at the Lily Resto Lounge

Fri Sep 4th at Berghain & Sat Sep 5th at Diller

  • truly-madly (truly-madly.net, London, UK)
  • Malcolm Moore aka Roxnadz (Altered Moods Recordings, alteredmoods.org, Hayward US)
  • Estimulo (EstimuloShow, estimuloshow.org, mixomat-recordings.de, Berlin)

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