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Marinading Beats

1 December 2008

(Originally uploaded February 2005)

This mix came about with repeated listening to the Retroflex track, I just liked getting sucked into all the different parts of the song so I thought I wouldn’t mind getting it on a mix. At around 100bpm it’s not your usual 4-to-the-floor dancefloor staple track, so I put it aside and it was gradually joined by other twelves in the next few months that were around similar tempos. With the mix being around the sort of tempo of a ‘chill-out’ or ‘downtempo’ compilation, I like to think that I’ve managed to avoid any really obvious clich├ęs from a saturated market and composed something a little different from what you would find in your corporate music shop and given exposure to a few less well-known but superb compositions. I hope you enjoy it.Show tracklisting.

(00:00) MukiEsc. 1998
(06:31) Thievery Corporation2001 1999
(10:18) Mama OliverEastWest (Stoned Together Mix) 1998
(14:15) LFOLoch Ness 1996
(17:21) KraftwerkExpo 2000 (Kling Klang Mix 2000) 1999
(23:41) Caustic WindowOn The Romance Tip 1992
(27:15) Pleasure BoxEnjoy Yourself 1992
(33:33) Tim ‘Love’ LeeTriple X Togetherness 2000
(38:54) Eg & AliceDoesn’t Mean That Much To Me (The Ambient Mix) 1991
(43:51) Botany 5Love Bomb (Slam Production Mix) 1990
(47:38) RetroflexRed Line (Short Ride) 1999
(52:22) NewworldaquariumLovin’ U 2001
(57:41) PresenceThe Gift Of Freedom 2001
(62:06) INXSMediate 1987
(64:51) Global CommunicationMaiden Voyage (Spiritualized Electric Mainline Mix) 1994
(69:55) ShiverFuture World 1993
(73:32) Baby Buddah HeadsLatin Joint (Original Mix) 1995

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