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Old Skool Deep Vol.1

1 December 2008

(Originally uploaded February 2004)

Most of the selections come from the time when I had just discovered house music and was an avid listener and recorder of some of the specialist evening shows on the London radio station, Kiss FM, which had just started broadcasting legally after a number of years as a pirate radio station. Those shows, specifically The Jack That House Built which was hosted by Steve Jackson, championed a lot of the deep house that was being released at the time.

It felt like a special time and as dance culture went overground, you had this first wave of deep house producers putting out quality material in abundance. As house music in general became recognised as ‘the next big thing’, major labels scrambled to get in on the act, much like with disco around fifteen years before and sought to get ‘deep house’ mixes backing the ones for radio play. Hence you have someone like Herb Alpert appearing in this mix with the Deep Dub Version of North On South St..

Some of these releases were amongst the first twelve inch releases on vinyl that I bought. The tracks by Hearsay, Agape’ Sounds, Two Men On A Struggle plus the already mentioned Herb Alpert, were heard first on Steve Jackson’s show and pennies were then saved to pay the price of what imports then cost. No Time (For Crying) by Spring was also a firm favourite and if I remember correctly, was supported by Danny Rampling on his Kiss show which had more of an Italian house/deep house slant.

The high point of this particular wave of deep house productions peaked around 1991 and it and the other years that surround it are a veritable treasure hoard of classic productions that deserve to be kept alive in the mix. Many thanks and respect to all the featured artists. Show tracklisting.

(00:00) Rare ArtsBoriqua Posse (L Digital Mix) 1991
(03:42) SpringNo Time (For Crying) (Instrumental Mix) 1992
(06:29) Dreamer GI Got That Feelin’ (Deep Mix) 1992
(09:24) Helen SharpeGot 2 Have Your Love (Jazz Rave Mix) 1991
(11:55) HearsayMove Yo Body (Work Yo Body) (Smooth Instrumental Mix) 1991
(14:34) HearsayMove Yo Body (Work Yo Body) (Ragga House Mix) 1991
(19:04) Herb AlpertNorth On South St. (Deep Dub Version) 1991
(22:11) Ralph RosarioUna Cosa De Amour (Four On The Floor Dub Mix) 1991
(26:45) VandalAmazing Grace 1990
(29:40) EvolutionState Of Mind 1993
(35:30) Emenar OneGet Your Thang Together (Hard Mix) 1991
(38:36) Agape’ SoundsYour Love Never Fails (Reynald “Crazy Frenchman’s” Mix) 1990
(40:35) Agape’ SoundsYour Love Never Fails (Your Love Dub Mix) 1990
(45:37) Pal JoeyFlight 801 1991
(51:04) Natural ExperienceFeels So Good (X Rated) 1990
(54:38) Brooklyn UndergroundModern Technology 1992
(57:18) Two Men On A StruggleProject 1 1991
(60:58) AphrodisiacSong Of The Siren (Mediterannean Mix) 1990
(64:43) Mr. FingersWhat About This Love (Dub Version) 1989

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2 Responses to "Old Skool Deep Vol.1"

  1. GRD Says:

    hi, you made a cool mix. i love that old stuff.

    it’s still the only music what makes me on.

    i think that won’t change ever.

  2. londonacupuncturist Says:

    great mix, thanks :)
    will be looking out for most of these at the car boot sales / bargain bins from now on!
    Early 90s was a great time for house, as you say. My favourites are probably the UBQ / Logic / Konders / Classic Man releases, tracks I’m sure you know very well..
    Cheers :)

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