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1 December 2008

(Originally uploaded August 2006)

Four tracks come from the first two Trance Europe Express releases, which besides being packed with loads of excellent music across four pieces of vinyl, also included a booklet crammed with info on the artists. Very useful in the days before use of the internet was widespread. This particular mix of the Microglobe track only seems to appear on the Tranceformed From Beyond compilation (a quiet LP pressing), although whether the mix is substantially different from those on the single releases, I’m not sure.

The attempt (like most mixes I guess) was to choose tracks with something that I believed bonded them together and this selection goes some way to showcase some dreamy hypnotic compositions that provide relief via their subtlety rather than whacking you about the head with a trance-truncheon.

In amongst the selections, you have lesser known compositions by the likes of Language (on the Earth Recordings label, more renowned for putting out hardcore releases) and a left-field non-four-to-the-floor track by The Orb that probably doesn’t get to be included on many mixes. With the most obvious trance track by Sven Väth being the exception rather than the norm, it’s rounded off with David Morley’s ambient re-interpretation of the Golden Girls pumping club hit, Kinetic, for a gentle return to earth and reality. Show tracklisting.

(00:00) The Irresistible ForceLotus Position 1994
(07:30) The Irresistible ForceFish Dances 1998
(14:22) The Drum ClubFollow The Sun 1993
(19:44) Paul Van DykToday 1994
(23:22) The Drum ClubSpace Angel Station 1994
(31:38) MicroglobeHigh On Hope (Macrosphere Remix) 1992
(37:25) Original RockersRound And Round (Round ReVersion) 1993
(41:37) The Higher Intelligence AgencySpeedlearn (Empathy Mix) 1993
(47:51) The OrbAsylum 1997
(52:09) LanguageI Can’t Stop 1991
(56:28) A Positive LifeUniversal Message 1993
(60:07) Sven VäthMellow Illusion 1992
(66:49) Golden GirlsKinetic (Morley’s Apollo Mix) 1993

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